Bookings - Overview

On this page, you can view all the necessary information about the scheduled bookings.

You can filter bookings by their booking status by switching to desired Status the tab at the top. You can also filter the bookings by Services, Customer Name, and Booking Date.

The Bookings page displays the following information:

Customer Name: The name a customer enters when they fill out the booking form.

Email: The email used by the customer while making the booking.

Appointment Date: The date scheduled for the booking.

Service: The name of the Service for which the booking is made.

Time: The time of the booking.

Appointment Status: The status of the booking.

By default, all Bookings are set to the Pending status.

To change the status of a booking, click on the three dots next the to Booking entry and set your status. You can choose from the following Booking status:

  1. Pending

  2. Approved

  3. Rejected

  4. Canceled

  5. Completed

Whenever you receive a booking, you'll have to change its status to Approved to confirm it. This confirms the booking and sends an email to the customer notifying them that their booking has been approved.

In case you want to reject or cancel a booking, you can do the same by changing its status.

Once a scheduled booking is past its booking date, it's automatically marked as Completed.

To view more details about a booking, you can click on the three dots next to it and click on "View". This opens a pop-up window where you can view more details about a booking.

Apart from the information visible on the Bookings table, the window also displays the Additional Data field which shows data from any additional fields added to your form.

In FlowBookings, you can manually add bookings as well. Check out our articles below on how to manually add bookings.

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