Services - Overview

On this page, you can view all the necessary information about services in FlowBookings.

Services are activities that the customers will book through your website in Webflow.

You can view all the services on this page and filter them by categories. The search bar can also be used to search for any specific service.

You can create services from this page and provide details about your services such as Name, Category, Duration, Image, Buffer Time, and Description.

Here's a brief description of the various details you can provide while you creating a service:

Service Name: The name of the service. This name will be visible on the booking form in the Select Service dropdown.

Category: Every service needs to be assigned a category. This isn't visible anywhere on the booking form but helps you better organize your services in the dashboard. Before creating a service, please create categories for your services.

Image: You can add an image to your service which can then be displayed on your booking form.

Duration: You can set the duration of service in minutes or hours.

Buffer Time Before/After: You can set a buffer before and after time for your services. You can set a time between 5-60 minutes.

Buffer time is a brief amount of time in between bookings that you can use to prepare for the next booking. It acts as a cushion between your bookings to help you stay on schedule.

For example - If a customer booking ends at 2:30 pm and you have added a Buffer After time of 10 minutes, then the next customer will be able to book your service for 2:40 pm and not 2:30 pm which is right after your previous booking finished.

Description: You can add a description to provide more information about your service.

Status: The status toggle at the top lets you enable/disable services. When a service is disabled, it isn't displayed on the booking form.

Apart from Services, you can also manage Service Categories from this page by clicking on the Manage Categories button.

This button opens a sidebar window where you can create, edit, and delete categories for your services.

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