How To Disable Emails

In FlowBookings, you can send notification emails to customers and admins on new bookings, send booking reminders, and notify them whenever a booking's status changes.

You can customize the content of these emails without our email customizer. But you also have the option to disable notification emails individually.

This is useful in cases where you want to disable certain notifications for your customers or admin.

Note: We do not recommend disabling customer notification emails as it is the only way customers can get updates on their bookings.

Follow these instructions to disable notification emails in FlowBookings:

  1. Go to the Email Customizer page under the Settings menu. On this page, you'll find the list of emails you can send to customers and admins.

  2. Select the email you wish to disable and turn off the Send Notifications toggle.

  3. Click on the Save button.

That's how you can disable notification emails for both customers and admins in FlowBookings.

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