How To Edit & Personalize Emails

FlowBookings lets you customize the notification emails that are sent to customers and admins whenever a new booking is made or a booking status is changed.

We've made a simple email customizer that lets you customize the email content and most importantly, personalize your emails to make them more engaging to your customers.

We have included personalization tags that you can copy and paste into your emails to make them more personal and human.

Follow these instructions to personalize your notification emails.

  1. Go to the Email Customizer page under the Settings menu. On this page, you'll find the list of emails you can send to customers and admins.

  2. Select the email you wish to customize.

  3. In the email editor, you will find three dropdowns where you can find personalization tags. Open the dropdown and select the tag you want to use in your email and click on it. This will copy the tag to your clipboard.

  4. Paste the copied tag in your email copy anywhere you want. You can also paste the personalization tag to your email subject line.

All the notification emails come with a default email template with personalization tags included to help you get started.

But if you wish to customize and edit your emails further, you can do so using these tags.

Here's the list of email personalization tags currently available in FlowBookings:

Tag NamePurpose


Displays the full name of the customer


Displays the date of booking


Displays the time of booking


Displays the service booked


Displays the name of the company set by the admin

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