Global Settings - Overview

FlowBookings comes with a set of Global Settings you can set at the account level. This is very useful as you won't have to configure settings for each service, booking, or customer manually.

Here are the various Global Settings available in FlowBookings:

Global Working Hours

On the Global Settings page, you can set Global Working Hours for your services. These global working hours will be applied by default to all servers you create in FlowBookings. However, you can still change the working hours for each service individually.

You can set the working hours from Monday to Sunday. On days you're not working, you can set the working hour to Off.

You can also add multiple breaks in each day as well. To add a break, click on the Add Break button beside the day.

This will open a popover where you can specify the start time and the end time of the break. Click on the Save button and your break will be added.

To delete break hours, you can click on the X icon next to the break hour timings and it'll delete the break hour.

Default Booking Status

This setting allows you to set the default status for your bookings.

For example - If your default booking status is set to Approved, all the bookings will be approved on the platform without any manual confirmation/approval.

We recommend setting the default booking status to Pending so that you can manually check and approve bookings for your customers.

But if you get a lot of bookings, you can set it to Approved so that all bookings are approved automatically.

Default Buffer Time

This setting allows you to set a global Buffer Before and After time for your services.

Buffer time is a brief amount of time in between bookings that you can use up to prepare for the next booking. It acts as a cushion between your bookings to help you stay on schedule.

For example - If a customer booking ends at 2:30 pm and you have added a Buffer After time of 10 minutes, then the next customer will be able to book your service for 2:40 pm and not 2:30 pm which is right after your previous booking finished.

On the Global Settings page, you can set a global Buffer Time Before Booking and Buffer Time After Booking for your services.

You can set this from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Or if you wish to not add any buffer, you can also No Buffer from the dropdown.


You can set the timezone for your services so that all bookings are made according to your selected timezone.

The timezone you choose will also be visible on the booking forms to the customer.

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