Embedding a Cloneable to Webflow

To collect bookings in Webflow using FlowBookings, you'll need to embed a cloneable template into your Webflow site.

Follow these instructions to embed a booking cloneable form into Webflow:

  1. Go to the Form Builder page and select the cloneable template you want to embed. There are 15 templates you can choose from.

  2. Copy the script and paste it to the <head> tag of the page where you want to insert the form. Once you've pasted the script, click on the Next Step button.

  3. Click on the Copy Cloneable button to copy the cloneable form to your clipboard.

  4. Go to the page in Webflow where you want to insert the form and paste the cloneable you copied using the Ctrl+V or Cmd+V shortcut key.

Once your cloneable is pasted to the Webflow page, you can start collecting bookings on FlowBookings!

You can also customize the booking form by changing its design and style. You can also add additional fields to your form.

Note: Do NOT delete any classes, IDs, or attributes assigned to the fields in the cloneable forms. Also, do not delete any existing fields that come by default in the cloneable templates. These fields, classes, IDs, and attributes are necessary for the form to work correctly in Webflow.

You can learn more about customizing cloneable forms in the article here.

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